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​BHADANI’S Quantity Surveying in Estimation Civil - Construction LEVEL 1


Understanding the Role of BHADANI'S Quantity Surveying in the Construction Industry

Checklist of All Kinds of Civil Works at Site.

Construction Methodologies of Civil Works and How it works in Construction Industry

Construction Activities Identification Analysis and Report Generation Making Project Chartered and Feasible Reports Project Risk Analysis and Action Reports

Understanding and Reading the Structural and Architectural Drawings Quantity Take off From the Drawings Like PCC , RCC , Reinforcement , Shuttering Etc. Quantity Take off From the Architectural Drawings (Like Brickwork, Plaster Painting Putty Work Etc.) Faster Take off Methodologies from Drawings of Civil Analysis of All Kinds of Civil Drawings with Proper Presentation in Excel Formats Management Information System (MIS) Generation and Preparation in Proper Formats as per IS Standards Estimation of All Kinds of Civil Works  Estimation Technique  During Design Phase  Estimation Technique During Pre-Construction Phase Estimation Technique During Post-Construction Phase Calculator Making of Concrete Steel, Brickwork, Plaster Painting Etc. Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) Estimation  Costing Techniques of All Kinds of Civil Works (Concrete , Brikcwork, Earthwork, Finishing Work, Wood Work, Steel Work, Demolishing Works Etc.)Costing Techniques- Risk Based Costing Costing Techniques - Parametric Costing Costing Techniques - Machinery Transport Management and Costing ​Costing Techniques - Scope Estimation and Cost Analysis ​S-Curve Reporting  Labour Deployment Planning As per Budget  Labour Economics and Productivity AnalysisLabour Output Analysis as per IS Code, Schedule of Rates and As per BHADANI'S New Technique Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) and Management​Machinery Output Analysis as per Market Standards Profit and Loss Analysis in Labour and Machinery Deployed at Construction SiteDaily Work Report (DWR) Preparation as per Quantity Surveyor Standards Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) of All RCC Structures Like Footing Beams Slabs, Columns , Raft , Footing, Staircase Etc.​Bill of Quantity (BOQ) Take off (Material and Preparation) Rate Analysis of All Kinds of Civil Works Material Reconciliation Techniques from Contractor and Client's Side Material Procurement Strategies as per the techniques used in Quantity Surveying FREE  LANCE Quantity Surveying with Hands on Practice

BHADANI’S Quantity Surveying in - Billing Engineering

Invoice Engineering Level 2 Duration :- 25 Days

Understanding the Role of BHADANI'S Billing Engineer / Invoice Engineering in the Construction Industry of India and World

Billing Engineering Tasks at Site Office and Understanding the Role in Head office with the Client Coordiation Account Basics requirement for Billing Engineer Construction Billing Procedures From Client Side as well as Contractor Side Interim Payment Certification (IPC) from Client Sides as well as Contractor Side RA Bill Making - Client Billing - Subcontracting Billing with GST and Without GST - hands of Expertise CPWD and Corporations and PSU's Techniques of Billing  Invoice Generation Through ERP  Claim and Dispute Settlement Procedures and all required techniques in Billing and MIS Generation for the same Material Engineering Bills for Both Client Side as well as Contractor's Side ​Third Party Contractor Billing Joint Venture Companies / Contractor Billing Petty/ Vendor Billing  Preliminary Billing - Post Construction Billing InterAlia Billing , International Billing Challan Generation Claim Management Procedures used by Invoice Engineers Claim of Price Variations as per Norms of Govt. of INDIAClaim of Quantity Variations as per the Norms of Govt. of INDIAMode of Measurement as per IS Codes with NomenclaturesClaim of Extra Item Analysis of All Kinds of Civil Works During the Site Execution as well as Post Contracting Period Vendor Vs. Client Bill Reconciliation



Tendering Documents Preparation

Tendering Documents Submission Guidelines

Tender Review Reports Generation (T.R.R) for the Contractors as well as Consultants Technical Bidding As per Government Laws and as per BHADANI'S Technique Financial Bidding As per Government Laws and as per BHADANI'S Technique ​Statutory Documents Preparation Techniques for the Tender  Purchasing and Negotiation Techniques used by Clients and as well as Contractor's Side Pre-Bid Meeting Strategy Building and Coordination with Client  Finding Deviations and Clarify with the ClientTender Hunting Reverse Auctioning Strategy Building and Pressurizing client for the tender Pooling Technique to use effectively for the Tender to get Maximize Benefits Evaluation Strategy - Bidding Strategy - Relationship Building  Indemnify the Tender with the Use of Effective Monitoring of the Tender Entering Into Contracts - Strategy Building Approach - Scientific Approach Construction Contracts Documents Formulation and Preparation Procedures in Contract Management - Pre - Construction and Post Construction Phase Clearing , Forwarding and Transport  Transport Management Interpretation of Contracts and Contract Terms Cost Overrun and Time Overrun - Strategy Building Approach Indian Laws for Construction Contract Management FIDIC International Laws (EPC Turnkey Projects) Work Order Preparation ( Like Alstom Siemens Etc.) Live Project Training for Procurement and Negotiation Techniques

BHADANI’S Quantity Surveying in  Construction Project Planning & Management (CPM) Level 5 Duration :- 25 Days

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Approach 

Strategical Thinking and Risk Analysis Project Planning - Master Plan Generation Project Management Procedures Used for Construction Industry by Big MNC's and Construction Companies of India and WorldRole of Project Manager in Construction IndustryProject Budget Preparation with all factors analysis in HandActual Situation Comparison with Budget AmountProgress Monitoring with the Key Indicators StrategyMS Project Basics - Scheduling Project Coordination Techniques with Accounts , HR , Purchase and Procurement Departments with easy solutions Management Information GenerationModern Building Construction Trends Execution Plan & Strategy BuildingResettlement and Rehabilitation (R&R) for speedy progress of workQuality Assurance with Total Quality Control Planning Site (Field) Management Techniques used by Project Managers at SiteManagement of Emergencies in High Rise BuildingsSelf Inspection for Quality Construction at SiteCost and Time Controlling Strategies used for Construction ProjectsCash Flow Monitoring - Budget Vs Actual ComparisonGreen Sheet Report - Profit and Loss Determination for Construction ProjectsSWOT Analysis for Construction ProjectJIT Implementation in any Construction Project ​Earned Value Management (EVM) in Construction Project

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